how to fix the blue screen error in windows by Reading Dump(.dmp) Files

The Blue Screen of Death (also known as a stop error, blue screen, Blue Screen of Doom, BSoD, bug check screen or Stop screen) is an error screen displayed after a fatal system error.
how to fix the blue screen error in windows by Reading Dump(.dmp) Files
To know how to fix the blue screen error, you should read the reports which comes out during the blue screen crashes, these files called "minidump files", to see what cause the crash.

and to read minidump files you have to download "BlueScreenView", A lightweight portable software by a third party, scans all your minidump files created during "blue screen of death" crashes, and displays the information about all crashes in one table.

For every crash, "BlueScreenView" will displays:
- minidump filename.
- the date/time of the crash.
- basic crash information displayed in the blue screen.
- details of the driver or module that possibly caused the .
- crash (filename, product name, file description, and file version).

For every crash displayed in the upper panel, you can view the details of the device drivers in the lower panel. 
"BlueScreenView" also mark the drivers that their addresses found in the crash stack, so you can easily locate the suspected drivers that possibly caused the crash.
how to fix the blue screen error in windows by Reading Dump(.dmp) Files

How To Use "BlueScreenView":

1. Using "BlueScreenView" doesn’t require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file – BlueScreenView.exe

2. After running "BlueScreenView", it automatically scans your "MiniDump" folder and display all crash details in the upper panel.

3. double click dump file to see what driver caused the crashe, copy all info you found in "Caused By Driver" then search for it in Google to know what driver related to it.

in most cases you have to update some drivers on your PC.
how to fix the blue screen error in windows by Reading Dump(.dmp) Files
Note: you can also read other PC's "miniDump" files, for example your friend can send his "minidump files" located in this path "C:\Windows\MiniDump" .
after that you can read his files in "BlueScreenView" by choosing Options >> Advanced Options >> browse

BlueScreenView Features:

1. Automatically scans your current minidump folder and displays the list of all crash dumps, including crash dump date/time and crash details.

2. Allows you to view a blue screen which is very similar to the one that Windows displayed during the crash.

3. "BlueScreenView" enumerates the memory addresses inside the stack of the crash, and find all drivers/modules that might be involved in the crash.

4. "BlueScreenView" automatically locate the drivers appeared in the crash dump, and extract their version resource information, including product name, file version, company, and file description.

5. "BlueScreenView" also allows you to work with another instance of Windows, simply by choosing the right minidump folder (In Advanced Options).

"BlueScreenView" works with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, as long as Windows is configured to save minidump files during BSOD crashes.

"BlueScreenView" can read the MiniDump files of both 32-bit and x64 systems

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