How To Locate Your Windows 10 Key After Upgrading

In case you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 through a genuine copy of either Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7, your license might be linked to the hardware you upgrade on, not your Microsoft account, and also you won’t get any new product key either.

However, there could possibly be situations in which you wish to view your Windows 10 product key. May be, you want to uninstall the product key and then use it on a different computer, or may be, you need to backup the product key before you make substantial changes your PC’s hardware.

so you may be wondering what product key you'll use in case you would like to do a clean install of Windows 10.

Before starting, we’d like to ensure it is perfectly clear this isn’t gonna help you to get a pirated copy of Windows 10. This is just one way to help you in finding a product key that you’ve legally obtained.

You must have a small utility called ProduKey. Download the utility and that's available 100 % free (you can find 32- and 64-bit versions of this software available, so just be sure you download the suitable version to your system)

once you download the zip file containing ProduKey. Extract the zip file to a new folder so you can get ProduKey.exe file, Run ProduKey.exe file to view your Windows 10 product key. you'll see the product key listed beside its name
How To Locate Your Windows 10 Key After Upgrading

Now whenever you want to set up a new copy of windows 10, you'll be prompted to type in the product key, type in the one you found through the ProduKey utility and this will be authenticated. Then you're able to proceed with installing a new copy of Windows 10 on your device.

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