Fix Siri Error "I'm Not Able To Connect Right Now" - iPhone

Many iPhone users have been complaining that despite a working data connection, Siri is having trouble connecting to the internet. Of course This means that Siri can’t work at all, as network access is necessary for its execution. 

Thankfully, there is a very simple and easy way to-apply fix for this issue. Read on to find out.
Fix Siri Error "I'm Not Able To Connect Right Now" - iPhone

As We discussed above, Siri works by contacting the servers that run it. from here, without being able to communicate with them, it will just be like using voice commands. Our fix lies just within this information. To get your assistant up and running again, And Now This Is what you need to do.

You have to start setting up Siri from the scratch, It's Not  as hard as it Seems. Just go to your device’s Settings app and in the General tab, toggle off Siri.

Now Take a break for a minute, literally. Just Don’t perform any actions during this time, and once elapsed, proceed to the next step.

Go to the Reset tab, again in the General settings menu. From here, reset your network settings. Wait for the phone to restart.

Once your phone is back on, go back to Settings and turn Siri on.

Wait a while just in case, Wake Siri up, and it should be its usual, talkative self again. If the problem remain, make sure that your data connection is ON.

Note: You can try manually rebooting the device before performing step 3.

Some of Apple’s servers Looks Like They are experiencing problems, Making Siri to break down for a number of users (not for everybody). you have also the option of repeating the above steps multiple times in the hope that Siri’s connection will be refreshed in the process. If that still does not work, will we can only hope that Apple will fix this issue soon enough.
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