How to convert an image or scanned text into an editable word document

If you need to convert a JPEG image or scanned text to editable word document, you will find many software presenting you to do that  conversion. there are two Ways to convert the Image to word. The First One Is online OCR service And It may be enough, Or you can find an OCR software that will do the conversion.

And In this article, we Will describe both Ways, hoping It Will help you choose the right Way.

How to convert an image or scanned text into an editable word documentOnline OCR Service :
online OCR service gives you the advantage of converting a JPEG image into an editable word document directly. There is no need to install a software To Your Computer. Just follow the Below instructions:

Go to Online OCR 
Free Cost Website  provides everything you need to do the conversion For. It supports 46 languages, including Danish, Japanese and Malay.

From the "select file" option, select the image file you want to convert and upload it.
Choose the language Of The text In Your Image file. Select Your preferred format For your output file. The default output format is docx.

Now you will be required to enter a captcha. Do The captcha and click on the convert button.
Your conversion should be completed. Then download Your converted .docx file.

OCR Software :
There are many OCR software available on the internet, You can download an OCR software from the internet.However, JPEG to Word Converter should be acceptable for you.

Download links:

When the download is complete, install the software on your Computer. The software interface is not that Hard to Use.

How to convert an image or scanned text into an editable word document

To convert, open the file You Want It To Be converted from the software and select Word as desired output format. Then click the save button. The file shaould be converted and opened in MS Office.

In This software You can scan files directly from Your scanner too. It also provides the best security features Such as password protection and watermark.

You should know that Images is a collection of pixels. For that, it is somehow Hard for any OCR software to perform conversions accurately and completely. So, you might see that the converted file doesn't Match the source file completely. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, You Have To Make Sure That the quality of the scanned Images Is high. The more Quality Of  the scanned file, the better the Results  will be.
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